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Today, we often look to the Internet as our first source of information when doing research about virtually anything. Simply typing a word on a search engine delivers countless results in a fraction of a second. As a result, many of us largely rely on the information we read over the Internet while making a purchase decision. Thus, while your sale may be done offline, a key portion of the sales process is done online making it crucial to provide potential customers with quality Tesla descriptions. Online, your customer cannot physically experience the vehicle and sometimes even the best images are not enough. This is precisely why you need a compelling Tesla vehicle description. With a custom description, you can convey the details about the vehicle that you want the customer to know about very much in the same way your best sales person would. And once the readers like what they read, the sales process moves forward.

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  • A qualified team of seasoned description writers – Our team is our strength and hence we are able to deliver you content that compels the readers to buy
  • Words that will convey the features of the vehicle – Our description writers are skilled in the art of writing descriptions that are simple, clear, and informative and drafted in an attractive manner. It will have everything that you would want your customers to know.
  • Customer oriented descriptions – You get point-to-point engaging Tesla descriptions that will resonate with your customers. It will give them a feeling that the vehicle will precisely meet their needs.

Copy that sells.

Good copy makes your vehicle pages convert. Our professional description writers have a knack for understanding the most compelling features and benefits of each Tesla — even when it’s completely new to us. We pull out those features to make your vehicle appeal to your online customers, while writing in the style best suited to them.

One point of contact.

We’re extremely easy to work with. You’ll be assigned a dedicated writer that you can communicate directly with. Plus, at any time, you can call Aaron Johnson, owner and founder, directly. Getting started is as simple as giving Aaron a call. And, unlike crowdsourcing companies, we don’t ship your writing jobs overseas. Our writing team is North American based.

Flexible pricing. No contracts.

We’ll work with you to find the right solution based on your anticipated workload. Just leave a few words about what vehicles you sell and approximately how many custom descriptions you need. We’ll follow up (usually the same business day) with a few final questions to complete your quote. It’s hassle-free!

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Sample Descriptions

Spectacular in every respect, our top-of-the-line 2015 Tesla Model S P85 in beautiful Pearl White is synonymous with engineering excellence that provides an unmatched blend of pulse-quickening performance, luxury, and innovation. An electric motor with an 85kW battery pack channels 416hp through a single speed transmission to rocket our sedan to 60 mph in just 4 seconds! Boasting massive torque and tremendously smooth and quiet acceleration, this ride is well-balanced and handles high speed curves with confidence and agility. In addition, our P85 sedan completely recharges in just 9 hours on a 240-volt outlet with a driving range of near 265 miles so you can enjoy stellar performance with the added benefit of never having to buy gas again! You may also delight in driving in the highly coveted HOV lane all by yourself…now that’s exhilarating! Our highly desirable Tesla Model S P85 seduces on-lookers with its carbon-fiber rear spoiler, red Brembo brake calipers and sexy wheels. An eye-catching piece of automotive art on the inside as well, it welcomes you with premium heated 8-way power seats and a wealth of top-shelf amenities. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an incredible sound system with HD radio are just a sampling of the technology literally at your fingertips; controlled with a prominent touchscreen display. With top safety ratings and impeccable performance, our Tesla is an extraordinary machine that offers a sense of confidence unlike that of any other automobile on the market. Reward yourself with membership to this exclusive club of discerning individuals. Print this page and call us Now… We Know You Will Enjoy Your Test Drive Towards Ownership!
Truly in a class of its own, our 2015 Tesla Model S 60 in exquisite Red awaits you as the pinnacle of luxury and innovation. Our powerful 5 passenger luxury sedan is an absolute marvel; blending sleek styling, ample cargo space, pulse-quickening performance and incredible reliability. It is motivated by a single water-cooled electric motor that channels 302hp through a single speed transmission. With no gears to shift, the acceleration is instantly smooth and quiet; soaring to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds! You’ll relish this brilliant ride even more each time you pass right by the fuel stations since our sedan completely recharges in just 7 hours on a 240-volt outlet and rewards you with a driving range of 208 miles. The seductive silhouette of our Tesla Model S is enhanced by 19 inch wheels, LED taillights, and automatic xenon headlights. You will know before you even cross the threshold that this machine was crafted just for you with rich content all around. Slide into premium heated 8-way power seats and take note of the 17 inch touch screen display that is fully interactive and acts as your command central. Enjoy a seamless connection thanks to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an incredible sound system with HD radio. Our sedan has earned top safety ratings and is equipped with all of the advanced safety features you demand including stability and traction control, crash sensors for high-voltage disconnect, antilock disc brakes and a rearview camera. Our Tesla is a game changer and you must experience it to truly understand the phenomenal feeling you’ll have behind the wheel. Print this page and call us Now… We Know You Will Enjoy Your Test Drive Towards Ownership!

daN’s Commitment to Tesla Comments

Dealer Assist Now began its journey in 2007 as a place for dealers to share vehicle comments/seller’s notes. We started with a few dealers and quickly grew a full-service platform that helps dealers in all 50 states and a few in other countries. We work with your amazing Tesla Line-Up with the goal to be the voice of the vehicle. Without comments, your online store is like a salesperson standing next to your vehicle with his or her mouth taped shut. Our Tesla Comment staff attends auto shows, follows motorsports, and comprehends the dynamics of Tesla vehicle ownership. They understand the confidence you have with the Model S and describe it with passion. Our writers understand the P85 buyer as well as the first time electric owner. Tesla is a new way of life and for anyone that has not experienced this pleasure; we walk them down the path. If you don’t have time for Self-Service – We offer a very practical full-service solution that makes your vehicles sound the best. Our staff is divided into several departments based upon brands we are managing. We have seasoned writers that work with the back-end tools from Strathcom, One-Eighty,, cDemo, vAuto, and HomeNet in Canada. We accept feeds daily or set up APIs for faster service. Our professionals have pure passion for your product and are excited to help you sell.

Tesla Brand Manager

Our Tesla Brand Manager supplies the Dealer Assist Now team with all current 2016 and 2017 comments that are designed to make your vehicle sound the very best. The Tesla Brand Manager for daN has experienced each model, each trim package, and has spent time in these impressive machines from the showroom to the street. They help process all Used comments to make all of your Pre-Owned Tesla’s sound the Very Best and Mirror Tesla’s offerings – Common Sense drives people to the car that is priced right, looks great, and Sounds the Best! We Supply The Sounds Best For Canada’s Tesla Dealers.

How It Works

Our Team customizes comments to tell the story of each vehicle with a clear call to action for your store. This provides consistency to your online marketing and helps drive traffic. We give buyers the facts they need to make an intelligent buying decision. Our daN staff has years of training with industry leaders like Strathcom, One-Eighty,, cDemo, vAuto, HomeNet, and many more!

Full-Service New– Our Tesla Brand Manager reviews each placement and assures your Tesla comments sound the Very Best! We process incoming feeds and write comments the same day when pictures are present. daN knows what it takes to get your vehicle on the “Short List” when customers are making the decisions. Buyers are just like you and choose the one that is Priced Right, has Great Pictures, and Sounds the Best!

Self-Service New – Access to the daN dealer site through the Secure Dealer Portal allows you Single Log On Access to all 2012 & Newer Tesla Starter Comments plus over 1 million and growing of brand X used. This is a dealer Managed Cut/Paste option (no writing) with the ability to change any comment to suit you 100%

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Need Used Comments Managed Daily? daN has a plan for your store!

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