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In today’s omnichannel world, vehicle shopping experiences across channels blend into one another, allowing shoppers easy access to information and choices with just a few clicks. The 24-hour convenience, endless selection, easy price comparisons, online pricing and simplified delivery models have caused a a great deal of change in the automotive market.

When shopping online, potential buyers have to imagine what visceral vehicle experiences will be like using information they get on a screen. They have to envision what driving the vehicle will be like before they ever see, touch, or hear it.

Dealerships that project what the real-world experience with their vehicles will be like through their vehicle descriptions are the most successful at communicating with their online shoppers and providing a great customer experience. With engaging and educational content, dealerships can showcase vehicle value in a way they never could before.

Narrative storytelling with a customer-centric perspective (instead of a vehicle-centric one) helps the shopper imagine what it would be like to have a vehicle in “real life.” Storytelling can depict the power and utility of a vehicle in (almost) living colour. Even beyond the features and benefits of a vehicle, shoppers can conceptualize owning the vehicle within the context of their day-to-day lives.

The brands that have the most effective online product content create environments around a products that “feel” real even if the shopper is only experiencing it through a screen.

A dealership’s vehicle descriptions can play a dominant role in the shopper’s path to purchase by giving them the critical information that will help shoppers make buying decisions. It is imperative for dealerships to maximize the opportunity to engage shoppers by providing detailed product information that answers their questions and helps shoppers visualize using their vehicles in a tangible, authentic way.

Why Choose Us

Any Maserati search on the web yields various websites offering the same vehicle. In such a highly saturated environment, we believe the following makes a dealer stand from its competitors: Maserati descriptions optimized for search engines, which go beyond the limited content provided by manufacturers for their dealers, and which are rich in keywords–for first-page SERP rankings. Vehicle descriptions supplied by manufacturers are recognized as duplicates by search engines, because that is exactly what they are. Dealer Assist Now’s writers and editors are knowledgeable in the practice of search engine optimization, including keyword inclusion while maintaining a natural writing flow, and providing original and unique descriptions for any vehicle.
  • Concise yet vivid descriptions that will leave a long lasting impact on the minds of the readers: Our vehicle description writing professionals do their own research to understand a Maserati  and its features.
  • Handwritten descriptions that speak directly to buyers:L The vehicle description writing professionals at Dealer Assist Now can translate manufacturers’ jargon and covey its meaning in simple, everyday language. We can easily portray even the most technical aspects of a Maserati in a concise, easily comprehensible language. We never just reproduce the information that the manufacturer provides.
  • crafted to perform in the search engines: We write keyword rich, SEO-friendly vehicle descriptions which improve a dealership website’s page rank and help it draw more business.
  • Custom descriptions that fuel the emotional need to buy: We are versatile and can tailor our language and style to suit a particular Maserati  and the customer base it is aimed at. For example, we understand fully well that a Lear 40XR cannot be described in the same way a Cessna Citation Excel can, or, for that matter, that a Levante and a GranTurismo must be described in a vastly different language. With our Vehicle Description Writing Services we will help you target your buyers.

Copy that sells.

Good copy makes your vehicle pages convert. Our professional description writers have a knack for understanding the most compelling features and benefits of each Maserati . We pull out those features to make your vehicle appeal to your online customers, while writing in the style best suited to them.

One point of contact.

We’re extremely easy to work with. You’ll be assigned a dedicated writer that you can communicate directly with. Plus, at any time, you can call Aaron Johnson, owner and founder, directly. Getting started is as simple as giving Aaron a call.  And, unlike crowdsourcing companies, we don’t ship your writing jobs overseas. Our writing team is North American based.

Flexible pricing. No contracts.

We’ll work with you to find the right solution based on your anticipated workload. Just leave a few words about what vehicles you sell and approximately how many custom descriptions you need. We’ll follow up (usually the same business day) with a few final questions to complete your quote. It’s hassle-free!

Work with an experienced team of custom Maserati description writers.

Our team of copywriters will create descriptions for your vehicles that will support your lead generation efforts and support your revenue goals.

Sample Description

Distinct Italian style blends with unsurpassed luxury and pulse-racing performance in our 2015 Maserati Ghibli S Q4 cloaked in a stunning Grigio Maratea Metallescent paint scheme. Emanating a fierce roar that evokes lust and envious looks from onlookers, this sure-footed All Wheel Drive coupe is powered by a Ferrari-built 3.0 Liter Twin Turbo Charged V6 that unleashes a healthy 404hp at your command. Power is managed with a responsive 8 speed automatic gearbox that executes perfectly with 5 shift modes for varying levels of performance depending on your desires. This stellar combination moves our Ghibli to a near illegal speed; while still sipping fuel to score near 9.04 L/100 km on the open road. Designed for maximum driving pleasure, our Italian beauty promises to be a most impressive traveling companion with incredible grip, strong brakes, and precise handling. Masterfully crafted, the sculpted exterior of our Ghibli is art in motion with sexy wheels and adaptive bi-xenon headlights. The sleek silhouette is further enhanced by the distinctive front end, defined by the prominent Maserati grille with concave vertical fillets. Slide into the elegant interior that has been endowed with the finest of finishes and enjoy supple quilted leather upholstery on supportive 6-way power seats as you take command with a prominent touchscreen infotainment display, a convenient rearview camera and a concert-quality audio system. Sitting in the driver’s seat of our Maserati Ghibli imparts a sense of total control that you must experience to truly comprehend. Reward yourself with the luxury, the power and the exclusivity that only comes from driving a Maserati. Print this page and call us Now… We Know You Will Enjoy Your Test Drive Towards Ownership!

daN’s Commitment to Maserati Comments

Dealer Assist Now began its journey in 2007 as a place for dealers to share vehicle comments/seller’s notes. We started with a few dealers and quickly grew a full-service platform that helps dealers in all 50 states and a few in other countries. We work with your amazing Maserati Line-Up with the goal to be the voice of the vehicle. Without comments, your online store is like a salesperson standing next to your vehicle with his or her mouth taped shut.

Our Tesla Comment staff attends auto shows, follows motorsports, and comprehends the dynamics of Maserati vehicle ownership. They understand the confidence you have with the Quattroporte and describe it with passion. Our writers understand the Neiman Marcus Ghibli buyer as well first time Maserati owner. This is a new way of life and for anyone that has not experienced this pleasure; we walk them down the path.

If you don’t have time for Self-Service – We offer a very practical full-service solution that makes your vehicles sound the best. Our staff is divided into several departments based upon brands we are managing. We have seasoned writers that work with the back-end tools from Strathcom, One-Eighty,, cDemo, vAuto, and HomeNet in Canada. We accept feeds daily or set up APIs for faster service. Our professionals have pure passion for your product and are excited to help you sell.

Maserati Brand Manager

Our Maserati Brand Manager supplies the Dealer Assist Now team with all current 2016 and 2017 comments that are designed to make your vehicle sound the very best. The Maserati Brand Manager for daN has experienced each model, each trim package, and has spent time in these impressive machines from the showroom to the street. They help process all Used comments to make all of your Pre-Owned Maserati’s sound the Very Best and Mirror Maserati’s offerings – Common Sense drives people to the car that is priced right, looks great, and Sounds the Best! We Supply The Sounds Best For Canada’s Maserati Dealers.

How It Works

Our Team customizes comments to tell the story of each vehicle with a clear call to action for your store. This provides consistency to your online marketing and helps drive traffic. We give buyers the facts they need to make an intelligent buying decision. Our daN staff has years of training with industry leaders like Strathcom, One-Eighty,, cDemo, vAuto, HomeNet, and many more!

Full-Service New– Our Maserati Brand Manager reviews each placement and assures your Maserati comments sound the Very Best! We process incoming feeds and write comments the same day when pictures are present. daN knows what it takes to get your vehicle on the “Short List” when customers are making the decisions. Buyers are just like you and choose the one that is Priced Right, has Great Pictures, and Sounds the Best!

Self-Service New – Access to the daN dealer site through the Secure Dealer Portal allows you Single Log On Access to all 2012 & Newer Maserati Comments Plus 860,000 and growing of brand X used. This is a dealer Managed Cut/Paste option (no writing) with the ability to change any comment to suit you 100%  **Popular Option for any ISM

Need Used Comments Managed Daily? daN has a plan for your store!

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