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Marketing vehicles to customers online can be a daunting task, especially when you are trying to make your Fiat vehicle stand out from those offered by your competition. When you are selling the same Fiat vehicles as someone else, how should you make yours stand out? The greatest way to give your vehicles staying power in the minds of buyers is to provide an accurate, engaging product description that will inspire them to buy your over that of your competition. When you are faced with trying to come up with accurate, yet creative, ways of describing your Fiat vehicles, your best option would be to utilize a vehicle description writing service.

Professional Writing Service

The biggest benefit you will get when hiring a vehicle description writing service is the vocabulary that will catch the attention of your potential buyers online. When you want to inspire trust in your Fiat vehicles and ensure visitors they’ve found what they are looking for, specific words should be used. If you just tell a website visitor your product’s technical specifications and leave it at that, they will likely skim past everything and find a dealer that uses key terms that tell them that their product is somehow superior. That dealer may be selling the exact same Fiat vehicle for the exact same price, but the wording can make all the difference.

The Power of the Right Wording

When you use the right words to describe your vehicle, they will engage the potential buyer and make an emotional connection with them. They will feel trust in you as a dealer or your vehicle, or they will feel relieved that they have found the Fiat they have been looking for. The right description can inspire some type of positive emotion in a visitor that will help them not only remember your vehicle, but also remember your company and/or website. Choosing the right words can make all the difference in someone going to a different dealer or making their purchase with you. Buyers pick the vehicle that sounds “best.”

Vehicle Description Writing Services that
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If online marketing content has one goal, it is to influence customers into making a decision. That is exactly what your vehicle descriptions should also do – shape and influence a buyer’s decision by creating an awareness about the vehicle and, thereby, creating a desire to own it. With more and more people researching vehicles online – and even completing purchases online, the role of vehicle descriptions have taken on a completely different role – that of influencer content.

You need product descriptions that can convince your buyer that this is the vehicle that he/she is seeking. Crafting descriptions that help your vehicles sell requires some degree of expertise where copywriting is mixed with just the right amount of marketing words. You need to tell a story that is convincing to the buyer – so much so that he is inspired to make a query or purchase.

Our skilled copywriters have honed the art of doing just that. From new vehicles to use, our team has written it all, with the right mix of compelling story-telling and search engine friendly keywords.

If you are looking for writers to create that perfect vehicle description, which can actually sell your product, contact us today.

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Description writing services for Fiat vehicles
  • Our well-crafted descriptions support your presence on the web and energize your sales pitch; convincing customers to make a purchase.
  • We pay special attention to SEO, making sure that our vehicle description writing caters to both human readers and search engines; our aim is to have your vehicles show up in search results, too.
  • What sets apart our services from others is our attention to detailing and our experienced writing team who have proven expertise in writing unique content for dealership websites.

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Sample Description

Delivering seductive Italian styling matched with performance derived from a long and storied race history, our Certified 2017 Fiat 124 Spider Classica is proudly presented in Bianco Gelato! Enjoy the thrill of each and every top-down moment with the 1.4 Liter Turbo 4 Cylinder that churns out 160hp. With a short-throw shifter, the 6 Speed Manual transmission optimizes clutch operation for responsive and precise handling while the sophisticated suspension, electric power assist steering system, Rear Wheel Drive, nearly 50/50 weight distribution and low center of gravity all help deliver a drive that will have you tempted to go one more time around the block! You’ll love this smile-inducing ride and score near 14.88 L/100km on the highway!

Take a walk around our frisky 124 Spider Classica and admire the elegant lines that have been sculpted with precision. You can’t help but notice the beautiful wheels and manual soft top. Settle into the supportive seats and get acquainted with the driver-oriented cockpit. Grip the leather-wrapped steering wheel and stay safely connected via Bluetooth Hands-Free. Find the music you love courtesy of the Fiat Radio 3 that features an easy-to-read display, AM/FM radio, a USB port, and auxiliary input.

Drive with confidence as our Fiat 124 Spider Classica is well-equipped with ABS, traction/stability control, advanced airbags, and a low tire pressure warning system to help you avoid and manage challenging driving situations. Isn’t it time to reward yourself with some open-air exhilaration and classic Italian style? Print this page and call us Now… We Know You Will Enjoy Your Test Drive Towards Ownership!

Delivering a thrilling ride with distinctive style, our luxurious Certifed 2016 Fiat Abarth is irresistible in Bianco Perla! Our fashion-forward hatchback comes to life courtesy of a Turbo Charged 1.4 Liter 4 Cylinder that churns out 160hp on demand. It executes beautifully with a 5 Speed Manual gearbox and rewards you with near 8.3 L/100km on the highway along with an adrenaline-pumping driving experience.

Our enticing Abarth hatchback offers an expression of dominance with unmistakable style and charm that will most certainly be a conversation starter for you. Check out our photos! Open the door to the beautifully tailored cabin to find automatic climate control, full power accessories, premium leather upholstery, a height-adjustable driver seat, 50/50-split folding rear seat backs, and a leather-wrapped sport steering wheel. Look up through the glass roof and take in this authentic Italian styling! Staying in touch is a breeze with the Uconnect infotainment interface with a touchscreen, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, voice controls and an impressive Alpine sound system with satellite radio, a CD player, auxiliary audio input and two USB ports.

In addition to the standard dual front, front-side, and side curtain airbags, our Abarth also comes with a driver’s knee airbag and has received excellent safety scores. Offering a distinctive mix of stand-out style and practical fun, this Fiat Abarth is a a great choice for you and your unique personality! Print this page and call us Now… We Know You Will Enjoy Your Test Drive Towards Ownership!

daN’s Commitment To New Fiat Comments

Dealer Assist Now began its journey in 2007 as a place for dealers to share vehicle comments/seller’s notes. We started with a few dealers and quickly grew a full-service platform that helps dealers in all 50 states and a few in other countries. We work with your FIAT Product with the goal to be the voice of the vehicle. Without comments, your online store is like a salesperson standing next to your vehicle with his or her mouth taped shut.

Our FIAT comment staff attends auto shows, follows motorsports, and comprehends the dynamics of FIAT automotive ownership. They understand the confident feeling that you have with the 500 Abarth and describe it with passion. Our writers know the 500c buyer as well as the 500e owner. FIAT is a newer way of life and for anyone that has not experienced this pleasure; we walk them down the path.

If you don’t have time for Self-Service – We offer a very practical full-service solution that makes your vehicles sound the best. Our staff is organized into departments based upon brands we are managing. We have seasoned writers that work with the back-end tools from Strathcom, One-Eighty,, cDemo, vAuto, and HomeNet in Canada. We accept feeds daily or set up APIs for faster service. Our professionals have a pure passion for your product, and we are excited to help you sell.

Fiat Brand Manager

Our FIAT brand manager supplies the Dealer Assist Now team with all current 2016 and 2017 comments that are designed to make your vehicle sound the very best. The FIAT brand manager for daN has experienced each model, each trim package, and has spent time in these impressive machines from the showroom to the street. They help process all CPO comments to make all of your Certified FIATs sound the very best and mirror FIAT’s offerings – Common sense drives people to the car that is priced right, looks great, and sounds the best! We Supply The Sounds Best For Canada’s FIAT Dealers.

How It Works

Our team customizes comments to tell the story of each vehicle with a clear call to action for your store. This provides consistency to your online marketing and helps drive traffic. We give buyers the facts they need to make an intelligent buying decision. Our daN staff has years of training with industry leaders like Strathcom, One-Eighty,, cDemo, vAuto, HomeNet, and many others!

Full-Service New– Our Fiat brand manager reviews each placement and assures your Fiat comments sound the very best! We process incoming feeds and write comments the same day when pictures are present. daN knows what it takes to get your vehicle on the “short list” when customers are making the decisions. Buyers are just like you and choose the one that is priced right, has great pictures, and sounds the best!

Self-Service New – Access to the daN dealer site through the Secure Dealer Portal allows you single log on access to all 2012 and newer FIAT starter comments plus over 1 million and growing of brand X used. This is a dealer managed cut/paste option (no writing) with the ability to change any comment to suit you 100% **Popular option for any ISM

Need Used Comments Managed Daily? daN has a plan for your store!

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